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Last Updated on November 3, 2023

Orioles are one of the most beautiful and colorful birds which offer an eye-catching view when they are in your garden or on the trees. Most veteran and novice birders love to spot orioles and enjoy watching them in their natural habitat. Are you someone that wants to see the many different types of oriole birds in your garden but don’t know how to attract them or make them happy?

Don’t worry; here, we provide the best products that help attract orioles and keep them in your garden or backyard for hours. It is the best bee-proof oriole feeders. The advantage of a bee-proof feeder is that, unlike other regular or squirrel-proof bird feeders, it does not allow the bees to enter inside it. It is designed so that small insects are unable to invade the food you keep inside it for orioles.

Best Bee Proof Oriole Feeders Review

After testing and experiencing different products, we mentioned the top 7 bee-proof oriole feeders that are durable, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly. If you are in rush check out our top picks here!

  • Birds Choice OFF Oriole Flower-Shaped Feeder– Best for Budget

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  • JCs Wildlife Poly Lumber Orange Oriole Bird Feeder- Best Overall 

  • Birds Choice SNOF Oriole Feeder- Best for Size

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Top 7 Bee-proof Oriole Feeders

1. JCs Wildlife Poly Lumber Orange Oriole Bird Feeder

Nature Products USA Poly Lumber Orange Oriole Bird Feeder 3000 - Hanging Oriole Jelly Bird Feeder - Made in The USA


  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension: 7 x 7 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 1.68 pounds

If you want to buy a bright color and an excellent feeder that can easily attract the orioles, this JCs wildlife nature USA poly lumber product is perfect. Moreover, this is always a great choice if you want to attract orioles in groups rather than individually. Its size is most significant enough to attract a large number of orioles or other orange colored birds simultaneously.

Talking about the material used in its design, it is durable recycled lumber material that makes the feeder attractive to look at. Additionally, this material is eco-friendly and does not create pollution. 

Included in the package, it has two plastic jars. You can use one for the water and the other for the solid food. It is a certified product of Southern Indiana, US, which means it’s free of any risk issues for the orioles or those who use it.


  • Easy to install at any place, including the backyard or your garden
  • It is an eco-friendly and cost-friendly product
  • Two glass jars are comfortable enough to offer food and water


  • It would help if you scrubbed it weekly to avoid color damage issues

Our Final View

Looking for our final view on this product? We recommend this product because it is an eco-friendly and cost-friendly feeder. Everyone, even a newbie, can easily install and use it anywhere. Its orange color and attractive design eliminate the effort you need to spend to attract orioles into the group.

2. Birds Choice OFF Oriole Flower-Shaped Feeder

Birds Choice Oriole Flower Feeder


  • Material: Alloy Steel, Polycarbonate
  • Dimension:     8.75 x 5.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 ounces

If you want to attract many birds simultaneously with enough food and nectar, we highly recommend using this bird’s choice OFF Oriole Flower-shaped feeder. It is one of the large-sized and elegant feeders that eliminate your efforts to search for the best design to attract oriole birds. Moreover, the best thing about this product is the orioles, and you can also use it to attract other birds in your backyard and garden. 

Although it has only one jar where you can keep liquid food or solid food at a time, this jar is enough in size to place a large amount of food. Moreover, it’s designed to have large stands around the pot where more than five oriole birds can sit and enjoy food. Hence, it offers a beautiful and fabulous view to look group of orioles at a time in your backyard and garden eating food.

It is made by using heavy and brutal metal, which is the only reason to hold multiple orioles in real-time without affecting the quality. The stands and petals around the jar are made of steel, making it tough and robust and providing an eye-catchy view of the oriole. 


  • Elegant design which is easy to clean
  • Orange in color to attract customers
  • Stands made up of steel makes it durable


  • It can damage when has permanent exposure to sunlight

Our Final View

This product has an excellent design and is easy to use for everyone. In the jar, you can keep maximum food as the weight has no effects on the structure or overall feeder due to the usage of brutal metal. It is another budget-friendly feeder, and everyone can buy it without thinking much about the heavy budget.

3. Birds Choice SNOF Oriole Feeder

Birds Choice Oriole Feeder for Oranges and Jelly


  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension:     13 x 8 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 2.68 pounds

With an acrylic roof design due to plastic, this is one of the most giant-sized oriole feeders. The size allows catching multiple birds at a time with a  lot of space. Hence, you can see a lot of birds perching in the feeder, which creates an optimistic view. 

Each feature of this bird is good because the product becomes durable and eco-friendly. Its dark orange color is, first of all, the essential part that attracts orioles and other songbirds to the food. Moreover, the orange color is a favorite for orioles specifically, and hence you don’t need to worry about how to attract birds to it. 

The second most important feature is its most significant size, which can hold more birds than any standard and regular feeder. The size is 13 x 8 x 7 inches, made of recycled plastic and poly lumber. Due to this material, it becomes highly resistant to dust and rust. It leads to increasing its warranty time. Moreover, rainwater and sun rays can’t damage their quality and color. 

The design includes two jelly cups that help keep liquid and solid food at the same time. Moreover, these jelly cups allow for keeping more food which is the ultimate reason for attracting more birds. 


  • Easy to hang and clean in your backyard and garden
  • Two jelly cups help to place different food items
  • Durable due to plastic and poly lumber material
  • Sun rays and water does not affect its quality


  • It can quickly move when a group of birds arrives suddenly

Our Final View

If you talk about our final view on this product, we loved it while using it and enjoyed seeing the orioles eating food. The most significant size was the most fabulous feature, which can keep flock on orioles. Its dust and rust-proof features maintain the quality for a long time and save birds from the harmful health effects of airborne chemicals.

4. Heath Outdoor Products CF-133 Clementine Oriole Feeder

Heath Outdoor Products CF-133 Clementine Oriole Feeder , orange


  • Material: Glass
  • Dimension:     7.5 x 2.8 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces

Are you tired of attracting orioles to your garden because nothing is working in this regard? You must be happy knowing that a heath outdoor CF-133 oriole feeder is a good choice. 

It is an advanced and elegantly designed feeder that is enough to attract birds, specifically orioles. The jar used in this feeder is not bottomless, and hence a bird can easily reach for the food with little effort. 

It has a jar, and around this, there are stands in a circular form which provide an elegant look to the overall feeder. These stands are designed such that you can keep oranges splashed on them to attract orioles. The feeder has an orange color and has the maximum capacity to hold orange splashes, which is an additional and unique point. 

It is prepared using steel material, making this feeder durable and increasing warranty time. And if there is the matter of balancing the stand and feeder, we recommend keeping orange splashes or another food item that does not allow moving its circular frame made around the jar.


  • Designed by using tough and durable material
  • Easy to hang and clean anywhere
  • Elegant designs hold multiple orioles at a time.


  • Balancing the feeder while birds perch is not easy

Our Final View

Overall, this feeder got eight by 10 points from our professionals. There are many additional points which highlight its advantages. We love this product due to its design and durability values. However, it was tricky to balance while it was hanging at the same time. Don’t worry; once you are experienced enough, it’s not a tough job.

5. Songbird Essentials SERUBFJF Fruit and Jelly Oriole Feeder 

Songbird Essentials SERUBFJF Fruit and Jelly Oriole Feeder (Set of 1)


  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension: 8 X 6 X 11 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds

Those looking for something made from recycled materials will enjoy the Songbird Essentials alternative. It has a birdhouse layout and is made of deep orange plastic that is rigorous and thick for long-lasting durability. 

It comes with a glass jar for the jelly that is easy to clean and fill up once the birds have eaten all of the food.

This feeder has 4 fruit pegs, but the two on the top portion can be difficult for the birds to attain. But even so, you can place orange halfbacks on either two pegs to provide an alternative to jelly. 

Anyone looking for a durable option will appreciate this alternative, which does not become broken or start losing its orange color over time.


  • Made of thick and rigid plastic
  • Have bright color
  • Sunlight and cracking resistance


  • Upper half pegs are difficult to find.

Our Final View

The final word on this feeder is that it is an excellent choice for those who appreciate renewable or recycled materials. It allows you to provide dual feeding choices for orioles and is simple to refill when the jelly runs out. Because it has four pegs, it can provide up to 2 oranges for the orioles.

6. Perky-Pet 253 Oriole Jelly Wild Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet 253 Oriole Jelly Wild Bird Feeder , Red


  • Material: Plastic 
  • Dimension: 7.8 X 7.8 X 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 6.7 ounces

If your budget is low and you want to purchase an orioles feeder, this could be a perfect idea. It’s a jelly bird feeder that lets you feed jelly to the orioles. This feeder’s upside-down jelly jar is ideal for keeping the jelly clean and dry.

It is constructed of plastic. To entice orioles, the red try arrives with an orange hanging chain. Orioles enjoy feeding the jelly from this unique feeder. It comes with built-in jelly stirrers that help evenly spread the jelly with the tray. To refill more jelly, merely turn the knob.

The feeder’s big circular feeding tray allows the birds to rest while they feed. The tray’s color palette is ideal for attracting the orioles. It will easily attract orioles to your feeder.

The feeder’s constructed hanging chain and rack make it simple to hang this feeder in your yard. This feeder is perfectly balanced, thanks to the metal layout of this durable chain. It’s a good idea to evaluate the feeder against the mass of the Oriole.


  • 32oz capacity
  • Jelly feeder
  • Built-in feeding stirrer
  • Hanging chain


  • Can’t offer fruit

Our Final View

Perky-pet 253 is the best feeder if you are looking for a cost-effective feeder. Its vibrant color attracts the birds, and the hanging chain makes it simple to hang in the garden.

7. Perky-Pet Opus Plus 32-ounce Plastic 449-2 Oriole Feeder

Perky-Pet Opus Plus 32-ounce Plastic 449-2 Oriole Feeder


  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimension: 7.24 x 7.26 x 8.93 inches
  • Weight: 15.9 ounces 

If you prefer nectar more than fruits and jelly in your area, perky pet opus comes with 32 ounces of nectar. Its transparent nectar tank is intended so that users can easily observe nectar levels. As a result, you don’t have to regularly inspect the tank to gauge the amount.

You’ll understand when it’s period to fill up with a concise egg-shaped basin. But apart from being translucent, this feeder is shatter-proof. Bears and squirrels are drawn to nectar feeders, so possessing a sturdy one is essential.

The good of this feeder is that its bee defender is very efficient. If you have an issue with bees crowding around your feeders and effectively driving your birds away, this is a good solution! The springs on the tiny beads that force against the entrance do an excellent job of keeping bees aside from the nectar while remaining accessible for the orioles to press down.

The product attracted a variety of orioles, including the Baltimore and Spot-breasted orioles. As hummingbirds also participated in the feedings, the appealing design is considered adequate. Additionally, it has been selected as an Arboretum oriole feeder.

Its disadvantage is that some birds do not understand how to feed on it unless they observe other birds doing so. The orange bee guard appears to conceal the holes, adding confusion. If this becomes an issue, you can improve it by drawing a black dot over the beads to visualize a spot.


  • Great bee guard
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact and easy to handle


  • Undesirable shape
  • Nectar leakage sensitivity

Our Final View

Perky pet opus is many people’s top choice for the best oriole feeder. Its design attracts the passing birds that increase its popularity and it has effective bee guards.

Factors you need to Consider While Buying the Best Bee Proof Oriole Feeder

From the above review, we hope that you are able enough to buy the best oriole feeder. However, some people are still confused about selecting the best product. The reason is that they may look for the specific factor only or they want to buy the one which can work for a long time. 

Moreover, some people want to buy the best budget product, and some consider the quality rather than price. Don’t worry; here is a complete buying guide that can help you in selecting the best product based on your need and budget:

Feeder Type

There are multiple types of oriole feeders available in the market based on whether you can keep one food or two food in a feeder at a time. We recommend buying the one where you can keep two pieces of food at a time. It is best because someone oriole wants to eat a different type of food simultaneously. Moreover, it’s helpful to attract more than one type of food at a time.

Oriole hiding in a tree

Color of Feeder

Color is another crucial factor that is necessary to keep in mind. Oriole birds love to attract to the orange color, so we recommend selecting the orange feeder in color. 


The material of the feeder is an essential factor necessary to consider. A rigid material keeps the feeder durable and protective against harsh environmental conditions. Oriole feeders are usually glass, plastic, and metal of different types. The one made up of glass and metal is more durable and rugged. So, we recommend buying an oriole feeder made up of glass and metal. 

Feeder Should Serve Jelly

Although oriole birds love fruits and nectar to consume, it’s not always true. Some oriole birds love to eat jelly in high proportion. We recommend buying a feeder that can serve jelly apart from the ordinary juice, fruit or nectar. 

It must be Easy to Clean

The essential and top quality feature is that an oriole feeder must be easy to clean for everyone. As long as the food remains in the feeder especially in the hot sun, it can be a reason to damage the quality of the feeder and the material. So, always try to make sure to buy an oriole feeder that is easy to clean with little effort. 


Considering the size of the feeder is another critical factor. It depends on how many orioles visit your area and eat food from the feeder. If you live in such a place where orioles are available in high quantity, then buying a feeder that is most extensive in size is a good choice. On the other hand, if you live in a place where orioles scarce, we recommend buying a small-sized feeder that would be easy to handle and clean.

Check for Predators

These feeders are bee-proof. However, it would help if you also considered other predators which can come on the way to invade the food. So, look at the predators that may be in the area and try to buy the feeder type where other animals can’t have access.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I attract orioles to the feeder?

Attracting orioles to the feeder is very easy if you know what attracts them. The orioles like orange color and food, including jelly, nectar, and sugar. They especially like oranges and placing a half cut orange out is a treat for any oriole. So, keep this food in the feeder and make sure to buy the orange color feeders.

Oriole in a flower tree

Where should I place the oriole feeder?

You can keep it any place where you want to attract orioles. However, we recommend placing it in your backyard or garden but try to keep it out of the sun and wind.

Can I use the same feeder for the hummingbird?

No, it’s not good to use an oriole feeder for the hummingbird. The reason is that hummingbird feeders usually have many more perches than an oriole feeder and need more space to get food from a feeder. A hummingbird feeder also has smaller holes, and it’s challenging for an oriole to get access.  It’s much more common to see hummingbirds use an oriole feeder but only if there are not any other birds around to scare away the much smaller hummingbird.

Wrapping Up- The Best Bee Proof Feeder Oriole Feeders

We hope that the above guide is helpful for you in selecting the best bee-proof oriole feeders. Read all the reviews carefully and choose the best product based on your budget and need. 

Keep considering the size and color as the main factor while selecting an oriole feeder. We recommend looking at our top picks, which help to narrow down your choice of products. 

For more information on birds products and guides, keep reading our latest blogs. Happy Birding!