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Most birding organizations across the USA are nonprofit. They simply provide leadership to bird watchers by providing the educational tools and skills needed for this exciting hobby. Many of the organizations cater specifically to the recreational birder and offer many programs that new birders can take advantage of.

Our list of the leading birding organizations located all over the country will help to direct you to a local group that can provide the information you need regarding wildlife in your neck of the woods.

Birding organizations across the USA work hard to educate community members regarding how to help and care for local wildlife and what birding is all about. They cover important topics including conservation and go above and beyond when it comes to getting members of the community to become active in the fight for preservation of the ecological environments and wildlife in general.

Many of these organizations are nonprofit, which means they depend on donations from their visitors, in order to continue to offer services to the community.

Keep on reading to learn more about local birding organizations in your state.

The Leading Birding Organizations and Groups

The top birding organizations will not only teach people about local wildlife, they can offer support, resources, and can even get the discussion started regarding what you can do to protect your local wildlife.

Many of the programs available promote bird watching knowledge and birding skills, while teaching those in the local community all about conversation.



SE Arizona  Bird Observatory

The Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory is one of the leading non-profit organizations in Arizona. They’re dedicated to the conservation of the birds native to Arizona and their habitats. They also offer a wide variety of resources for naturalists and birding communities, in addition to opportunities for every visitor to connect with their local wildlife.

Additionally, they serve as advocates for the local management of wildlife and their habitats. The organization itself is supported by the community and through donations made by visitors.


In the birding world, as a state, Oregon remains one of the leaders in the birding community, offering a wide range of bird watcher organizations and groups to choose from, all of which support local wildlife and work hard to educate people in the community.

Bird Nerds

Oregon State university currently has a birdwatching club called OSU Bird Nerds. This club allows community members, undergrads, graduates, and faculty to partake in saving and caring for local wildlife. This club is student-run and uses the school’s resources to help those interested in bird watching to learn more about local birds and conservation.

The Oregon Birding Association

The Oregon Birding Association is the best place for beginner birders to start. Their website makes it easy for potential members to join. The association also hosts a variety of activities in the community that are designed to teach people more about the birds in their community.



With warm weather and clear blue skies nine to ten months out of the year, it comes as no surprise that many species of birds thrive in this state.

Oregon is not the only state that places special value on their local wildlife. In fact, California also offers several programs and clubs that are designed to educate people in the community about birds and other wildlife.

Ecology and Conservation of the Gulf of the Farallones

Located in Berkeley, California, the ECGF hosts monthly gatherings to welcome new members, to educate potential members, and to discuss conservation.


Texas is home to many diurnal and nocturnal birds. Their birding organizations, like many found all over the country, work hard to educate the public in regard to the importance of conservation.

American Bird Conservancy

This organization provides birders with field guides for each of their mapped globally important bird areas, which is based on each state.

Audubon Texas

Like other branches of the Audubon Society, the Texas branch has a strong presence in the community and takes special care to educate visitors and members of the community. They also offer several educational programs for beginners and advanced birders to choose from, in addition to educational resources that can also be found on their website.

Houston Wilderness

Houston Wilderness is a nonprofit organization that focuses on preserving wildlife habitats all over the state, for a total of twenty-four counties.



This gorgeous state is full of hawks, owls, doves, wild turkeys, poorwills, hummingbirds, the black-throated sparrow, and many more species.

Utah is also home to many birding organizations that feature field trips, monthly meetings, discussions on environmental and conservation issues, special projects and more.

Moab Bird Club

This is a newer organization that is located in Southeastern Utah. They’re a very active organization that hosts a variety of birding outings and activities.

Red Cliffs Audubon Society

The Red Cliffs Audubon Society in Utah caters far north, reaching as far as Boulder. Additionally, like other branches of the Audubon Society, this chapter is very active in the community, including the schools and welcomes visitors who are eager to learn everything they need to know about birding.

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Do Any Birding Organizations Offer Birdwatching Programs for Nocturnal Birds?

Many do! Birders who are not familiar with nocturnal species can explore a whole new way to bird by learning about several new species of nocturnal birds, right in their own backyard.

Of course, not every organization can offer evening outings for nocturnal birding but those that do can teach you a lot about local nocturnal birds, their behaviors, diet, habitats, and more. Those that don’t offer evening outings often do provide information regarding birding at night, so you can learn about the best times and locations for a nighttime birding adventure.

Final Thoughts

People who are new to birding can take advantage of the resources and the wealth of information that many of these organizations offer and use these tools to spread the word about local wildlife and conservation.

These leading bird organizations across the USA have the same goal in mind, and that’s not just to get more people interested in birding, but to encourage community members to learn about bird, their environments, and help to protect their local wildlife.

Many of these organizations use education as tools that can help members in the community to take action and help to not only care about and for wildlife, but to learn what steps they can take in order to ensure they remain protected. Happy Birding!