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Last Updated on November 18, 2022


Keeping a squirrel out of your yard and away from your bird feeders can be a real struggle. Sure, you can try to deter the squirrels by hanging the feeder from a pole, but in many cases, these rodents are pretty crafty and somehow still manage to climb a pole and get their grubby paws on your birdseed. But the Homestead Super Stop a Squirrel is one of those specially designed feeders that claims it can instantly stop squirrels from raiding your stockpile, but it is true and how effective is this feeder really? Let’s find out.

Our Verdict: The Homestead bird feeder is designed to close down the feeding ports once a squirrel hops onto a perch and tries to eat the seeds. Some squirrels may be clever enough to bypass this system, but for the most part, this is a moderately effective squirrel proof bird feeder that can help to deter squirrels from hanging around your yard, allowing your local birds to return and eat their fill. The durable design complete with powder coating will allow you to leave the feeder out all year long. The model’s roof overhang will also protect the seeds from wind and rain, which will help to cut down on seed loss. Offering a larger seed capacity, and a design that can withstand anything mother nature throws at it, this model is a steal for the price.

Overview and Features

This is one of the best squirrel proof bird feeders by Homestead. If your goal is to find a feeder that’s designed to protect your birdseed, this model may be the solution. It offers an excellent seed capacity, so you won’t have to keep refilling it during the week, and the spring-loaded trigger system does a great job of deterring even the most persistent squirrels. Of course, no model is foolproof, but this model’s solid design and adjustable security system will give you more control over what types of birds feed at a station, how sensitive the system is, and of course, can make it incredibly difficult for squirrels to eat their fill of your birdseed. The ability to keep squirrels away during the day and early evening will allow you to sight more birds in your own backyard. Many birders are surprised to learn about their local birds behaviors and eating habits.

But that’s the whole point of setting up bird feeders in your yard. You’ll learn more about your local wildlife this way then you can from spending just an hour or two out sighting in a local wooded area. That’s why so many birders become frustrated with squirrels breaking into their bird feeders. Not only can it cost more to feed the local squirrel population, but their very presence will scare off birds, sometimes for good. Fortunately, feeders such as this one, are designed to safely prevent squirrels from calling your backyard home and relying on your feeders are one of their local food sources.

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Homestead Super Stop-A-Squirrel 3201S Bird Feeder

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Homestead main

  • Durable
  • Highly adjustable
  • Powder-coating finish
  • Easy to refill
  • Overhang protects the seeds from inclement weather
  • Low maintenance


This model features a stainless steel spring-activated system that will adjust to the weight of the squirrels, working to instantly close the feeding ports, preventing squirrels from eating all the birdseed. This system is highly adjustable, so you can also set it to prevent large birds from hogging the birdseed and scaring off smaller birds. The feeder is made out of heavy-duty steel and features a powder-coated layer that will prevent rust and damage due to exposure to inclement weather. Each side of the feeder has large storm panel shields that protect the seeds from snow, rain, and wind. This will cut down on seed loss which can occur if the seeds get blown out of the feeder or have to be tossed out because they got wet.

Seed Capacity

This model has a moderate seed capacity of eleven pounds. Many competing feeders have an average capacity of five to eight pounds. This larger capacity means you won’t have to refill the feeder often. On average, you can expect to refill it just once every six to eight weeks, depending on how many birds use your feeders and how often.


This model comes with the necessary hardware that’s needed to hang the feeder from a tree branch, arm, or from a pole. As you can see, there’s no shortage of mounting options, which is just one of the reasons this feeder is considered so versatile.


Considering the seed capacity, you won’t have to refill this model often. Fortunately, when you do, it fairly simple. The removable bin allows for both easy refilling and cleaning, so you can refill the feeder and get it up and going in a matter of minutes.


You can choose from four weight settings. Even on the highest weight setting, the weight of a squirrel will still trigger the ports to close. These setting options will give you total control over what types of birds have access to the birdseed. Larger birds will not only eat significantly more than small songbirds, but they can also make it very difficult for smaller birds to feed since they have a tendency to scare them off. If you want to prevent your favorite smaller species from being bullied, you can adjust the weight settings and cause the ports to close once a larger bird, such as a cardinal, steps foot on one of the perches.



Thanks to the roof’s overhang, you won’t have to worry about having to frequently clean it out when it rains. The overhang will not only help to keep the seeds dry, but it will also prevent high wind conditions from blowing the seeds out of the feeding ports. However, if your part of the country does experience harsh winters, you can expect to clean this model out once every one to two months. This is done to prevent wet seeds that have started to grow bacteria or mold from getting your local bird population sick. Leaving wet seeds in a feeder can also lead to a huge mess and can make it more difficult to refill. Use warm soapy water, empty the feeder, rinse it out, and allow it to airdry, at least once a month, or more frequently, depending on weather conditions.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Easy to clean
  • Simple refill
  • Weight adjustable trigger settings
  • Durable
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Clear panels allow you to keep an eye on seed level


  • Can be easy for some squirrels to break into
  • High maintenance during winter months

Homestead Versus Perky-Pet 336 Squirrel-Be-Gone Wild Bird Feeder

This small bird feeder by Perky Pet will be a great choice for smaller bird species and features a cage design that will prevent squirrels from accessing the birdseed. The cage is made out of metal, which prevents squirrels from chewing right through. The cage is weight activated, so it will slam down in place as soon as a squirrel climbs up. While this type of squirrel prevention system can be effective, this model does have its drawbacks, such as a significantly lower seed capacity compared to this Homestead model. The Perky Pet feeder has a low seed capacity of two pounds, so you may find yourself refilling the feeder often, depending on how many birds you feed and the time of year. Overall, the Homestead feeder offers a more versatile design, and a large seed capacity, which makes it a better choice for the avid backyard birder.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Homestead mainThe Homestead Super Stop a Squirrel bird feeder may not be the most effective model on the market since a persistent squirrel can figure out the weight-activated triggers and learn how to access the contents of the feeding ports, but the feeder itself does make it an incredibly difficult task. The durable design and the large overhang that protects the seeds from inclement weather will ensure no birdseed goes to waste, however, if you’re dealing with a serious squirrel problem, then you’re going to need a model that’s more difficult to break into. I gave this model a rating of four out of five stars.