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Last Updated on January 21, 2022


If you’re struggling to keep your bird feeders full due to an increase in the squirrel population, then a model that’s designed to keep squirrels out is a must. The Woodlink Absolute 7536 squirrel resistant bird feeder is durable, made out of heavy-duty materials, and features the type of double-sided design that allows the feeder to attract twice as many birds. It’s a great option for the birder who’s tired of running out of birdseed due to persistent squirrels, or those who want to sight birds in their own backyard, but can’t since their standard bird feeders are attracting rodents. This is one of Woodlink’s top-selling models due to its innovative design, and the fact that it does really work to deter squirrels and other rodents.

Our Verdict: Affordable, easy to use, and very low maintenance, this feeder comes loaded with some great extras that all bird enthusiasts can appreciate. This model features an innovative security system that’s triggered by weight. Users can choose from a total of three weight settings including light, medium, and heavy. The feeder is made out of powder-coated stainless steel and can be mounted to an arm, a branch, or a pole. There have been some reports that birds have injured their feet on the perches by catching their nails, which can be a major issue since it can lead to a serious injury. Additionally, some squirrels can figure out the feeder’s counterbalanced weight system, so they can still have access to the bird feed if you don’t mount the feeder to a pole. Overall, the larger seed capacity combined with the durable weather and rust-resistant design is enough to give most birders a reason to buy.

Overview and Features

This model features a body that’s made out of durable steel that’s been powder-coated, which means it can easily withstand the elements. This model is also highly adjustable, so you can tweak the settings based on the type of birds you want to feed and which ones you want to keep away. If you’re new to birding and you want to set up feeders in your backyard to practice bird identification, then buying this type of squirrel-proof feeder can increase your chances of rare sightings.

For more information on what you can do to make your yard more bird-friendly, read my article on birdwatching for beginners.

Woodlink Absolute 7536 Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

Our Rating: (4/5)


  • Large seed storage capacity
  • Seed level indicator window
  • Sloping roof
  • Weight triggered security
  • Made out of powder-coated stainless steel
  • Weight adjustable perches


This is a double-sided feeder that’s designed to attract a wide range of bird species. It features metal spring-activated perches and a locking top, both of which work together to keep squirrels out. This model features an all-metal design, so it’s chew-proof. It comes equipped with a couple of counter-balanced perches that can be placed in one of three positions, allowing you to choose from heavy, medium, or light, settings. When a heavier weight is placed on the perches, the top will lock down securely, denying larger birds and squirrels access to food. Even at the highest weight setting, the system will still be triggered for squirrels. The heavy weight setting is designed to prevent larger birds from using the feeders. This includes blue jays and blackbirds.

Once the security system is triggered a large metal shield will come down to instantly cover the seed tray. The metal shield design will prevent squirrels and other rodents from chewing on the feeder, which is a huge plus considering many models that are made out of plastic that claim to be chew-proof really aren’t.  The hopper and overhanging roof work to protect the seeds from the elements, keeping them dry and free of mold.

Seed Capacity

This model offers a much larger seed capacity compared to other models in this price bracket. The twelve-pound max seed capacity allows you to go longer between refills, making this a very low maintenance model.

Seed Types

This model can hold a wide variety of seed mixes including safflower, peanuts, and sunflower seeds. Since it offers a large seed capacity of twelve pounds you won’t have to deal with filling it frequently.

The metal prevents chewing because of its chew-resistant green powder coating and steel body. A zinc-plated steel hanger and black powder-coated pole are also included.


One of the main reasons many birders choose this model is for its larger than average seed capacity. This twenty-pound capacity will significantly cut down on how often you need to refill the feeder, which is always a plus.

To refill the feeder, all you have to do is grab the roof and lift it up for a fast and easy refill system. You’ll also find an indicator window located on the outside of the feeder which will show you how low the seed level is so you can fill it accordingly.


This model is made out of powder-coated stainless steel so you know it’s durable, rust-resistant, and chew-proof.

Design Flaw


Unfortunately, there have been many reports that indicate this model can actually lead to bird injuries. Additionally, some buyers have noted that it doesn’t take long for a squirrel to figure out how this device works and the fact that there’s a counter-balance system in place. But the biggest issue for most bird lovers is the fact that the design can cause foot injuries in birds since they can easily catch their nails in the perch.


This bird feeder should be cleaned out every two months during the winter months. This is because rain can make its way into the ports, even with the overhanging roof design, especially if you live in a part of the country that experiences high wind conditions. If you fail to clean out the ports and remove any wet seed then mold can begin to grow, which can cause illness in birds.

To clean out the bird feeder, take it apart once or twice a month, empty out the seeds, toss the feed out if it’s wet, or set aside any dry feed. Rinse out the interior of the feeder using a hose or place it in a large sink. Use warm soapy water to clean it out thoroughly, then rinse. The feeder must be completely dry before you refill it with seeds. In the summer months, you may not need to clean it out as frequently, but you should still check the seeds and ensure they’re dry after a rainfall.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Powder-coated
  • Rust resistant
  • Durable
  • Large seed capacity
  • Sloped roof design makes it difficult for squirrels to climb


  • Can cause foot injuries in small birds
  • Some squirrels are able to figure out how to access seeds

Woodlink Versus Perky-Pet 338 Squirrel-Be-Gone II Country House Bird Feeder

The Perky Pet 338 is one of this model’s biggest competitors. It features a design that works to completely block out squirrels from accessing the seeds and includes a removable roof peak complete with locks, so refilling it is a cinch. This model is also weight triggered and offers four setting options compared to the Woodlink’s three. This competing bird feeder features a charming house style design complete with a cardinal weathervane and a red paint job. It’s available at a much lower price, but it has a significantly lower seed storage capacity at eight pounds, compared to this model’s twenty pounds.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4/5)

WoodlinkThe Woodlink Absolute 7536 squirrel feeder offers a larger than average seed capacity, which means you won’t have to fill it very often. It also comes with a seed level indicator window that makes it easy for you to keep an eye on how much seed is left. The weight-activated perches combined with the sloped roof makes it difficult for squirrels to access the seed, but not impossible. Additionally, the perches have a reputation for injuring the nails of birds and can cause serious injury if a bird is unable to free itself. Overall, this model does possess the type of durability, large seed capacity, and innovative design that many birders are looking for, but this isn’t exactly the best squirrel proof bird feeder on the market. I gave this model a rating of four out of five stars.